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Premiere at WIRE: AMBA: Bolt blanks with two heads speed up production

New all-in-one machine produces 24,000 bolt blanks per hour. The new AMBA all-in-one machine produces 24,000 bolt blanks per hour. At WIRE 2018, Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH (AMBA) is going to introduce its new all-in-one machines for the production of up to 200-mm-long bolts at unsurpassed rates. In these machines, several upsetting operations take place simultaneously. … Weiterlesen »


New “Hybrid” Cut-to-Length Line combines the processing of Stainless Steel and Aluminum

GEORG finishing lines division highlights the chances of hybrid development in industry sector Three change cassettes with an automatic change table ensure the production of perfectly leveled plates. With the successful final acceptance of the GEORG-cut-to-length line for production of sheets out of stainless steel and aluminum the fabrication at SAUTER EDELSTAHL AG is ready … Weiterlesen »


GEORG finishing lines division develops new high-duty slitting line

GEORG-Slitting line started operation at Delta-Stahl With the new GEORG high-duty slitting line, Delta Stahl is capable to cut strip material of qualities as required for the automotive industry and with high strengths The German Steel Service Center Delta Stahl GmbH, located in Barsinghausen near Hanover, is a competent partner for the entire metal-working industry … Weiterlesen »


GEORG finishing lines division designs leading technology for aluminum company JSC KUMZ

GEORG develops cutting lines for aluminum coils up to 2,800 mm strip width: two cut-to-length lines and one slitting line Decoiler of a GEORG-slitting line At the end of 2011 GEORG finishing lines division was assigned with the development and delivery of two cut-to-length lines and one slitting line, each with packaging line for the … Weiterlesen »