Side Channel Compressor – Background knowledge from SKVTechnik

SKVTechnik reports on commissioning and operation of side channel blowers

Side Channel Compressor - Background knowledge from SKVTechnik

From the side channel blower there are dangers that users should know.

SKVTechnik reports of some special issues in terms of starting with side channel blowers:

1. Points that should be considered during commissioning:

The Side Channel Compressor has arrived at the customer complete, assembled and intact. So it is neither damaged nor changed.

The silencers are appropriately connected to the system lines (vibration of the system).

The side channel blower is securely fastened to the substructure and can not be detached from the substructure even if the device vibrates.

The motor is professionally connected to a control panel.

For outdoor installation, the side channel blower should be protected from the sun and the elements. SKVTechnik recommends the use of a weather hood or, if necessary, reduction of noise, a soundproof hood.

2. Dangers emanating from the side channel compressor during operation:

Danger of injury – Warning against cutting, crushing and catching danger!

When working on the side channel blower, there is a risk of cutting and crushing injuries due to retraction! For this reason, installation and transportation of the machine must be performed by technicians taking all necessary safety precautions and following the instructions in this manual.

Danger of injury due to escaping process fluid

Risk of overpressure and sudden leakage of process fluid (skin and eye injuries)! Only switch on the side channel compressor if all connections are correct.

Dangerous electrical voltage!

Inappropriate behavior can cause serious injury! Work on the electrical equipment may only be carried out by qualified and qualified electricians! Before working on the device or the system, the following precautions must be taken:

– Disconnect the mains voltage;

– open the side channel compressor terminal box only after making sure that there is no voltage;

– Secure the side channel blower and the system against voltage reconnection.

Risk of entanglement!

Risk of negative pressure: sudden entry of hair and clothing! Only switch on the side channel compressor if all connections are correct.

Risk of seizure of the impeller as a result of exceeding the performance of the side channel blower!

When using the Side Channel Compressor, make sure that the operating conditions are in accordance with the SPECIFICATIONS table.

The operation with closed intake and / or outlet opening of the side channel compressor is, if only for a short time, necessarily to be avoided. Users install a safety valve or equivalent safety circuit to prevent excessive vacuum or overpressure and to ensure that the values given in the SPECIFICATIONS of this manual and on the TAG are met. The side channel blower should be switched off immediately in case of abnormal operating noise of the impeller on the side channel blower! Customers then initiate maintenance.

Risk of burns due to contact with hot surfaces of the side channel blower!

Even if the values given in the TECHNICAL DATA and on the TAG are met, the compressors / vacuum pumps can reach high surface temperatures during operation. Wear appropriate PPE to protect against burns.

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