Intelligent sieve box solution improves cooling efficiency

With the Kantana, Fendt has rounded out its line of agricultural machinery. This is also a success for Solvaro, the supplier that was involved from the very beginning of the project and was responsible for developing an assembly to protect the cooling system.

Intelligent sieve box solution improves cooling efficiency

The cone-shaped sieve box from Solvaro reliably protects the cooling system against dust.

A dusty business
It will soon be harvest time. And in the fields, it”s a dusty business. Continuous operation for tractors, combines, forage harvesters, etc. means that agricultural machinery has to do its job reliably. Heat, dirt, dust and moisture must not be allowed to impact its performance in any way. Every failure costs money – and in many cases, the entire harvest. An endurance test for all machine components. One of the challenges forage harvesters like the Fendt Katana face is dust. When large quantities of forage are processed in a short period of time, this generates a huge cloud of dust. Conventional contaminant grilles let the dust in; finer grilles are in danger of clogging. The cone-shaped sieve box from Solvaro, the manufacturer of metal components based in Kirchheim, supplies a grille with an air passage of over 60% to cool the 653-horsepower engine. The perforation used, HV 2-2.5, also guarantees a reliable filter function. At a diameter of 1,380 mm, the dimensions of the cone posed a manufacturing challenge. Solvaro prevented the “frog effect” by using a material thickness of 1.2 mm. In addition, a cone of this size can no longer be made from one piece. This is why the Solvaro technicians developed a joining technique for the perforated metal component especially for this application. It does not reduce the throughput quantity, and the brush on the rotating suction device is worn down evenly across the cone, even at the joints.

Cone-shaped sieve box passes field test
The basic requirement is the greatest possible air supply. After fulfilling this, stability is the key success factor for the sieve box assembly. The way the cone was attached to the frame was improved, to ensure that nothing became loose or detached, even after over 600 hours of field testing. The frame was not the only place the cone had to hold; it also holds a cap used as a bracket for a suction device that keeps the cone clean. The cone form would multiply any deviating suction device movement by a factor of 15. Consequently, reliable stability is extremely important at this point. The Solvaro project team decided to use the sandwich process to double the cap, giving it the rigidity required. For reliable rust protection, the entire assembly is chamfered and KTL- and powder-coated. “After the successful launch in Germany, we are pleased that the Fendt Katana is now positioned in the international market,” said Gerhard Bullinger, Solvaro CEO. “This shows us that our approach of solving our customers” tasks together, from the very beginning, is the right one.”

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