Automatic adjustment of separator shafts reduces unproductive downtimes

Setting-up of separator shafts now simply at the push of a button.

Automatic adjustment of separator shafts reduces unproductive downtimes

The automatic separator shaft at the discharge end of a slitting line.

Heinrich GEORG now also manufactures its automatic separator-disk adjuster shafts for slitting lines – which have proven their capabilities on systems around Europe – for strip of up to 6 mm gauge thickness. GEORG will be showing these shafts at the Steel Summit 2019 in Atlanta.

Setting-up of the separator shafts on slitting lines has, up to now, been extremely time-consuming. It was necessary, for every slitting program, to remove the conventional separator shafts, fit the necessary separator disks and spacer rings manually, and then replace the shaft. The result was unproductive downtimes during separator-shaft changing, high labour costs and significant space requirements for the changing table.

GEORG’s patented automatic separator system moves each individual separator disk automatically to precisely the required position. This procedure takes only a few seconds and significantly enhances the productivity of slitting lines.

At program changes, the shaft control system receives the new position data from the higher-level distributed control system (DCS) and positions the separator disks accordingly.

The system is set up for the various programs by means of a user-friendly man-machine interface on the main operating panel or on a separate control desk. For maintenance purposes, the shafts can be replaced in less than five minutes by means of a simple cassette change. The separator cassette can be inspected away from the production line.

Function in detail

The individual disks are moved by electric motors to their position on the shaft and are locked there pneumatically. The drive system is located inside the shaft. It is thus both protected, on the one hand, and of compact layout, on the other: only minimal modifications are necessary even for retrofitting into an existing line.

Antonio Garcia, head of GEORG’s Strip Lines division, views the automatic separator system as an important element in boosting the efficiency of slitting lines: “Push-button setting of the separator disks has proven its value in a number of European mills, and significantly increased the productivity of those lines. I am confident that our presence at the Steel Summit 2019 will also enable us to convince our American customers.”

Heinrich GEORG at the SMU Steel Summit 2019

26 to 28 August 2019

Georgia International Convention Center

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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