5-axis-machining with Heckert continuous swivel head

New continuous horizontal/vertical milling head for machining centers Heckert; drilling, milling and tapping big work pieces under any solid angle, machining complex form elements with HEC 1000 to 1800 Athletic and BHC 3500 to 5500, optional NC-lathing.

5-axis-machining with Heckert continuous swivel head

The new continuous horizontal/vertical milling head by Heckert allows machining at any solid angle.

With this milling head, Heckert has extended its broad variety of spindles for the machining centers HEC 1000 bis 1800 Athletic as well as the BHC 3500 bis 5500. By means of the continuous H/V head, it is now possible to mill, drill and tap form elements such as surfaces and holes at any solid angle. In connection with an optional fast-rotating NC-rotary table as well as the spindle clamping and the tool receiver HSK-T 100, the machining centers are further able to perform the turning operation of a huge variety of contours.

The benefit of the continuous H/V-head is obvious: Even complex machining can be carried out in a single clamping set-up, which reduces production and processing times. Due to the fact that the H/V-head can be positioned wherever required within the +/- 180° swivel angle (0° = horizontal, 180° = vertical), even complex workpiece forms are cut with high-precision. In addition, the new machining head provides a time-saving and quality-increasing alternative to shift drilling because it allows, in the standard, machining with tools up to a length of 800 mm (optionally up to 50 kg tool weight and 80 Nm breakdown torque).

Further technical highlights: The H/V-head is equipped with a powerful 66 (84) kW/1860 Nm servomotor and a two-speed shift gearbox, so that the work spindle can rotate with up to 6000 rpm (optionally 8000) and manage a high stock removal rate. The swivel movement is realized by a direct drive, which needs only 0.9 seconds for a swivel movement of 180°. The absolute direct angle measurement system with travel resolution of 0.001° ensures a high degree of precision. With regard to the simultaneous 5-axis-machining, the torque is 1660 Nm. When milling and drilling at any angle, a hydraulic clamping ensures stability and security of the swivel and working position.

Regarding tool receivers, the operator can choose between HSK-A 100 and SK 50 form A and B, BT 50 and CAT 50 for milling and drilling. For turning, the interface HSK-T 100 is used. The coolant supply can be carried out via nozzles with 60 l/min or the spindle and tool center with a maximum pressure of 70 bar.

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Heckert has always been one of the world”s technologically leading manufacturers of precision machine tools for milling, turning and drilling of medium and large workpieces made of metal and composite materials. Its customers include, in particular, internationally operating companies in the target markets Aerospace, Transport, Industrial and Energy. Since August 1, 1998, the specialist for reliable and long-term- accurate milling machines is part of the Swiss machine tool group Starrag Group AG.

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