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Networked for improved steps in tube processing

From cutting to bending: The transfluid software ensures economical and precise production The transfluid t project software determines bending times and accurate cutting lengths. (Source: transfluid) For a few years already, the high-tech manufacturers transfluid have provided smooth tube bending with their t project software, for instance through digital collision tests. The increasing digitalisation and … Weiterlesen »


30 years transfluid: progress in tube processing

Tube processing machines – from a two-man business to a world leader Managing directors Ludger Bludau (l) and Gerd Nöker (r) founded transfluid in 1988. (Source: transfluid) When people think about 1st April they mostly think about spectacular stories that ultimately turn out to be a joke. That is not the case for Gerd Nöker … Weiterlesen »


A precise engine manifold with two blade tube cutting

Automotive: With the right machines and use of robots, transfluid ensures economical production of short exhaust tubes with compact bending geometry Cutting tubes is an art. A process is especially valuable if it avoids scrap and makes the immediately following process possible. For example, in exhaust technology in the automotive industry (at least when engine … Weiterlesen »


Virtual reality: transfluid tube processing technologies

Trade show visitors experienced transfluid high-tech at the Fabtech trade show in the United States trade show visitors had the opportunity to experience transfluid high-tech in operation. (Source: transfluid) In the middle of it all and from really impressive perspective, the visitors at the Fabtech trade show in Chicago were now able to discover the … Weiterlesen »


FABTECH: Tube bending and cutting in one step

Fully automatic solution from transfluid for efficient exhaust manifold production Chaotic production – efficient and fast. (Source: transfluid) Streamline operations are particularly required in such cases, in which a product cannot be installed until several components are available. This was the reason why in a recent project, transfluid developed a system solution for the efficient … Weiterlesen »


Focussing on changes in tube forming technology

12th Innovation Days of transfluid focussed on progress The tour of the plant on the premises of transfluid – the future of tube machining. (Source: transfluid) Topics such as digital transformation and industry 4.0 are more relevant than ever. Also the 12th Innovation Days of the mechanical engineer transfluid were all about progress, digitalisation and … Weiterlesen »


Value-added tube processing with individual concepts

Coordinated transfluid technology improves process safety Intelligent concepts for tube processing ensure quick sequences. (Source: transfluid) Many paths not only lead to Rome, but also to the desired product result. Of course, the production technologies and systems are very important for safe processes in tube processing. The solution finders of transfluid use their knowledge in … Weiterlesen »


tube processing: Automation Systems for Process Safety

transfluid develops flexible production cells for smart tube processing The complete production cells are specifically coordinated with the requirements. (Source: transfluid) Precisely produced tubes help make energy and water flow or medical devices support the life-saving work of doctors. Robust, short hose connections for automotive construction or long, multiply-processed tubes, e.g. used as air conditioning … Weiterlesen »


Intelligent bending techniques: 47 bends, 140 seconds

transfluid develops robot-assisted tube bending system that does not require complex programming Even already shaped tubing can be processed using the transfluid bending device. (Source: transfluid) The production of lines for braking systems, air conditioning units and similar devices with a length of 1500 mm and tiny diameters of as little as 18 mm represents … Weiterlesen »


New transfluid website speeds up solution search

Configurator and industry selection will help you find the tube processing machine you need. Visitors to the transfluid website find rapidly the tube processing machinery they need. (Source: transfluid) „I need tubing that looks like this and that is particularly lightweight but also durable.“ When clients come to transfluid, they usually know exactly what characteristics … Weiterlesen »

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