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Tube processing for medical applications and aids

Forming and bending machines from transfluid deliver accurate processing of high- and ultrahigh-strength materials tubes Tube processing for medical applications and aids (Source: transfluid) Symmetrical and asymmetrical forming with different materials transfluid is often asked for solutions that make possible the very best tube processing when using workpieces in medical equipment. This can be surgical … Weiterlesen »


Smart software reduces the number of production steps

With the two latest versions of the t project software by transfluid the tube manufacturing process is safer. The software guarantees reliable processes with collisions tests. The idea behind the t project software is a systematic approach to controlled tube manufacturing. What is complex becomes simple. To do this, it is possible to connect it … Weiterlesen »


#HM19: Bending and forming for hydraulics

High-tech engineering company transfluid presents solutions for effective tubing and connection systems The compact transfluid mobile bending machines. (Source: transfluid) The highly dynamic stress on hydraulics tubing and connections needs technology that delivers clean, robust and long-term tight results. The engineering company transfluid has been developing tube bending machines for the past 30 years to … Weiterlesen »


What are the biggest challenges in automated systems?

Tube processing machines – Interview with Stefanie Flaeper, CEO at transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH What does digitalization mean to you? First of all, digitalization means making processes more transparent. With the use of diagnostics before starting the work, it is possible to make the processes more compact and streamlined. However, we don“t want full transparency and … Weiterlesen »


Precise tube forming for medical applications

Axial and rolling transfluid solutions guarantee secure processing of many materials, from stainless steel to titanium alloys. (Source: transfluid) Without modern medical technology it is not possible to provide a reliable standard of care, that helps to cure diseases, and to make that the hygiene standards are maintained. Special solutions for tubes are needed in … Weiterlesen »


transfluid reduces set-up times

Greater flexibility thanks to secure tool systems and setting-up procedures for all aspects of tube processing The left- and right-bending transfluid machines are highly flexible thanks to their optimized set-up (Source: transfluid) The demand for greater process flexibility in tube manufacturing keeps growing. That includes minimizing idle time, such as the set-up time, from the … Weiterlesen »


Networked for improved steps in tube processing

From cutting to bending: The transfluid software ensures economical and precise production The transfluid t project software determines bending times and accurate cutting lengths. (Source: transfluid) For a few years already, the high-tech manufacturers transfluid have provided smooth tube bending with their t project software, for instance through digital collision tests. The increasing digitalisation and … Weiterlesen »


30 years transfluid: progress in tube processing

Tube processing machines – from a two-man business to a world leader Managing directors Ludger Bludau (l) and Gerd Nöker (r) founded transfluid in 1988. (Source: transfluid) When people think about 1st April they mostly think about spectacular stories that ultimately turn out to be a joke. That is not the case for Gerd Nöker … Weiterlesen »


A precise engine manifold with two blade tube cutting

Automotive: With the right machines and use of robots, transfluid ensures economical production of short exhaust tubes with compact bending geometry Cutting tubes is an art. A process is especially valuable if it avoids scrap and makes the immediately following process possible. For example, in exhaust technology in the automotive industry (at least when engine … Weiterlesen »


Virtual reality: transfluid tube processing technologies

Trade show visitors experienced transfluid high-tech at the Fabtech trade show in the United States trade show visitors had the opportunity to experience transfluid high-tech in operation. (Source: transfluid) In the middle of it all and from really impressive perspective, the visitors at the Fabtech trade show in Chicago were now able to discover the … Weiterlesen »

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