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Tube processing for medical applications and aids

Forming and bending machines from transfluid deliver accurate processing of high- and ultrahigh-strength materials tubes Tube processing for medical applications and aids (Source: transfluid) Symmetrical and asymmetrical forming with different materials transfluid is often asked for solutions that make possible the very best tube processing when using workpieces in medical equipment. This can be surgical … Weiterlesen »


Precise tube forming for medical applications

Axial and rolling transfluid solutions guarantee secure processing of many materials, from stainless steel to titanium alloys. (Source: transfluid) Without modern medical technology it is not possible to provide a reliable standard of care, that helps to cure diseases, and to make that the hygiene standards are maintained. Special solutions for tubes are needed in … Weiterlesen »


Faster processing of tube ends and better surfaces

The new t form forming machine from transfluid with simple tool substitution and reduced operator intervention The new t form UMR 642 flaring machine creates excellent sealing surfaces. (Source: transfluid) Time-efficiency and quality of the end results play a crucial role in efficient forming processes of tube endings. To achieve this, the high-tech machine manufacturer … Weiterlesen »


30 years transfluid: progress in tube processing

Tube processing machines – from a two-man business to a world leader Managing directors Ludger Bludau (l) and Gerd Nöker (r) founded transfluid in 1988. (Source: transfluid) When people think about 1st April they mostly think about spectacular stories that ultimately turn out to be a joke. That is not the case for Gerd Nöker … Weiterlesen »


Tube forming and automatic bending for hydraulics

transfluid also presents flexible tube machining solutions with process networking possibilities at the Hanover trade fair transfluid develops effective and flexible bending and forming solutions for the production of tubes (Source: transfluid) The increasingly powerful digital connection for tube machining processes is a tailored driver of technical progress within the industry. For hydraulics in particular, … Weiterlesen »


Tube forming with automatic tool detection

Reliably brought into form: newly developed axial tube forming machine REB 645 by transfluid All tools of the t form REB 645 by transfluid are equipped with sensors (RFID). (Source: transfluid) Workpieces of a special end form geometry are in demand again and again. Whether for the initial production or repeated precision: Ensuring exact parameters … Weiterlesen »


Focussing on changes in tube forming technology

12th Innovation Days of transfluid focussed on progress The tour of the plant on the premises of transfluid – the future of tube machining. (Source: transfluid) Topics such as digital transformation and industry 4.0 are more relevant than ever. Also the 12th Innovation Days of the mechanical engineer transfluid were all about progress, digitalisation and … Weiterlesen »


Value-added tube processing with individual concepts

Coordinated transfluid technology improves process safety Intelligent concepts for tube processing ensure quick sequences. (Source: transfluid) Many paths not only lead to Rome, but also to the desired product result. Of course, the production technologies and systems are very important for safe processes in tube processing. The solution finders of transfluid use their knowledge in … Weiterlesen »


Prototyping: Ready for the Series

transfluid creates expanded prototyping options for new pipe forming geometries Unlimited opportunities of pipe forming, axial and rolling. (Source: transfluid) Pipe forming technology is a complex matter – with ever smaller tolerances for advanced new projects from the different industries. These companies with their fresh ideas are, of course united by the wish of transferring … Weiterlesen »


tube processing: Automation Systems for Process Safety

transfluid develops flexible production cells for smart tube processing The complete production cells are specifically coordinated with the requirements. (Source: transfluid) Precisely produced tubes help make energy and water flow or medical devices support the life-saving work of doctors. Robust, short hose connections for automotive construction or long, multiply-processed tubes, e.g. used as air conditioning … Weiterlesen »

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