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A precise engine manifold with two blade tube cutting

Automotive: With the right machines and use of robots, transfluid ensures economical production of short exhaust tubes with compact bending geometry Cutting tubes is an art. A process is especially valuable if it avoids scrap and makes the immediately following process possible. For example, in exhaust technology in the automotive industry (at least when engine … Weiterlesen »


Virtual reality: transfluid tube processing technologies

Trade show visitors experienced transfluid high-tech at the Fabtech trade show in the United States trade show visitors had the opportunity to experience transfluid high-tech in operation. (Source: transfluid) In the middle of it all and from really impressive perspective, the visitors at the Fabtech trade show in Chicago were now able to discover the … Weiterlesen »


FABTECH: Tube bending and cutting in one step

Fully automatic solution from transfluid for efficient exhaust manifold production Chaotic production – efficient and fast. (Source: transfluid) Streamline operations are particularly required in such cases, in which a product cannot be installed until several components are available. This was the reason why in a recent project, transfluid developed a system solution for the efficient … Weiterlesen »


Cut tubes efficiently and without chips

Clean perfect cuts with controlled achievement of optimal cutting depth t cut by transfluid: clean, chipless cuts allow direct further processing of the pipes. Even a single special process may sometimes be the key to effective complete solutions to production processes. In this respect for instance, chipless tube cutting allows direct further processing of the … Weiterlesen »


Cost-effective and clean: chipless pipe cutting machines t cut

transfluid-technology for efficient production processes transfluid t cut: RTO 628 Orbital tube cutting machine from 6 – 28 mm Ø, feeding from coil, with a compensating roll and straightening unit. There are many good reasons to separate tubes chiplessly with efficient pipe cutting machines. And first of all, of course, the cleanliness. Precision and output, … Weiterlesen »