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FABTECH 2018 – two-directional tube-bending machine

Turning head allows right-hand or left-hand tube bending without collision t bend DB 630-CNC-R/L-VE with turning head (Source: transfluid) transfluid is presenting its highly dynamic two-directional tube-bending machine at FABTECH booth C10236: Flexibility is highly critical in cases in which right-hand and left-hand tube bending is required for especially complex geometries. An adaptable bending solution … Weiterlesen »


SMM 2018: Fast tool change and highest flexibility

transfluid bending machines for large tubes and software as efficiency drivers in shipbuilding ‘t bend’ tube bending machines from transfluid as an efficient alternative to weld (Source: transfluid) The t-bend bending machines from transfluid are an efficient alternative to welding in large tubes, capable of high-performance processing of tubes with a diameter of up to … Weiterlesen »


Networked tube bending and time benefits in shipbuilding

The transfluid software improves mobile processes and high-performance bending machine for large tubes offer up to 60% time savings heaper and faster bending of large tubes with the ‚t bend‘ tube bending technology from transfluid. (Source: transfluid) Digital solutions are required by the international shipbuilding and off-shore industry for efficient planning of their resources and … Weiterlesen »


Aerospace industry: Right on target tube-bending

transfluid“s mandrel bending machine delivers better processes through sequential control All sequences can be programmed easily on the t bend-mandrel bending machine from transfluid. (Source: transfluid) Safety is an issue that is extremely important in the aviation and aerospace industry, perhaps more so than in any other industry, and therefore the demands are very high, … Weiterlesen »


30 years transfluid: progress in tube processing

Tube processing machines – from a two-man business to a world leader Managing directors Ludger Bludau (l) and Gerd Nöker (r) founded transfluid in 1988. (Source: transfluid) When people think about 1st April they mostly think about spectacular stories that ultimately turn out to be a joke. That is not the case for Gerd Nöker … Weiterlesen »


A precise engine manifold with two blade tube cutting

Automotive: With the right machines and use of robots, transfluid ensures economical production of short exhaust tubes with compact bending geometry Cutting tubes is an art. A process is especially valuable if it avoids scrap and makes the immediately following process possible. For example, in exhaust technology in the automotive industry (at least when engine … Weiterlesen »


FABTECH: Tube bending and cutting in one step

Fully automatic solution from transfluid for efficient exhaust manifold production Chaotic production – efficient and fast. (Source: transfluid) Streamline operations are particularly required in such cases, in which a product cannot be installed until several components are available. This was the reason why in a recent project, transfluid developed a system solution for the efficient … Weiterlesen »


Robots as tube bending machines?

How automation can be improved and handling concepts can provide specific benefits For low-vibration machining with long tubes, the bending machine is simply put in the robot’s hand. (Source: transfluid) The trend towards flexibility in machining processes with a high degree of automation is still clearly enduring in many sectors. Nonetheless, with all the innovative … Weiterlesen »


Portable measurement system expands opportunities

Tube bending: transfluid solution ensures increased precision and flexibility during on-site use The portable t control measurement system from transfluid is ready to start in just 5 minutes. (Source: transfluid) The path to exact measurement data for component production, reverse engineering, or component inspection is especially indispensable for creating valuable results during tube bending. For … Weiterlesen »


Tube forming and automatic bending for hydraulics

transfluid also presents flexible tube machining solutions with process networking possibilities at the Hanover trade fair transfluid develops effective and flexible bending and forming solutions for the production of tubes (Source: transfluid) The increasingly powerful digital connection for tube machining processes is a tailored driver of technical progress within the industry. For hydraulics in particular, … Weiterlesen »

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