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First roll grinding machine for aluminum rolling mills using CBN technology

New grinding technology cuts machining time by half The GEORG ultragrind.50 machine includes a high-precision roll measuring system At the Aluminium 2018 show in Düsseldorf, GEORG is going to introduce its new ultragrind roll grinding machine for aluminium rolling mills. The innovative feature of this machine is the CBN technology. The machine achieves grinding times … Weiterlesen »


BTU: Exact setting of strip back-tension – at any position in the processing line

Umlauf Bridles can build up very high back-tension in strip processing lines – even when dealing with thick gages and high-strength grades. Two Umlauf Bridles arranged up and downstream of a stretch-leveler can build up any back-tension Umlauf Bridles designed by BTU Bridle Technology GmbH can be installed at virtually any position of strip processing … Weiterlesen »


H&K Industrieanlagen expanding internationally

Company from the German Saarland strengthens its presence in Asia At Metec 2011 in Düsseldorf, H&K Industrieanlagen GmbH (H&K) announced the foundation of its subsidiary H&K Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. H&K, which is based in Germany in the Federal State of Saarland, is strengthening its local presence in the Asian marketplace. This region is becoming … Weiterlesen »