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Compact, fast, energy-efficient punching

FRIMO EcoCut Compact for proven quality 02 / 2018 – FRIMO presents the EcoCut punching machine for trimming large and highly complex plastic components, such as instrument panels, door panels and armrests. This unit has been specifically designed for trimming in ram direction, as well as many other punching directions, and is ideal for large … Weiterlesen »


Perfectly combined – Punching & Milling within the FRIMO Cutting Center

02 / 2016 – The optimal trimming technology must be chosen in accordance with a whole series of factors to be defined, such as component geometry, materials, production environment, process, cycle time required and quality. Punching, milling, water-jet and blade cutting are used depending on the product and the type of cut required. For complex … Weiterlesen »


Well-combined and Economically Optimized – Punching and Edgefolding in a Single Step

Lotte/Sontra, September 2014 For economically viable production of high-quality plastics and lightweight components, the market demands innovative manufacturing solutions: processes must be accelerated, resources saved and costs saved at the same time – both in the initial investment and in ongoing production. FRIMO is the leading market specialist when efficient production solutions are involved, and … Weiterlesen »


Major Contract for FRIMO

SMP chooses FRIMO for large-scale door panel project Natural Fiber Pressing Line – FRIMO Group GmbH The FRIMO Group is a specialist in technology for lightweight construction solutions and natural fiber processing. The competence centers in Sontra and Freilassing can now look forward to a major project for back-injecting, laminating, punching and edgefolding production equipment … Weiterlesen »