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Tube 2018: The current trends in pipe forming technology?

Interview with Stefanie Flaeper, General Manager of transfluid Stefan Flaeper, General Manager transfluid (Source: transfluid) What do the current trends in pipe forming and bending technology look like? Basically, we assume that there’s a higher demand than ever before for more flexibility in processing pipes. This is because it is foreseeable that there will only … Weiterlesen »


Moulded on the Pipe: Universal, Compact and Diverse

transfluid develops a new general of combination machines for axial and rolling pipe forming Complete forming in the rolling process with an outer roll and an inner roll in opposite rotation. (Source: transfluid) The technical evolution is mostly targeted at designing new solutions at the state of the art to simplify work and improve results. … Weiterlesen »


Trends, markets and new developments for pipe processing

5 questions to transfluid: effective automatic systems for small series, networking and market requirements Interview with Stefanie Flaeper, managing director at transfluid. (Source: transfluid) The events and trade fairs of the first half of 2016 had plenty to offer. Further developments and technical innovations for many different industries were topics in high demand for exciting … Weiterlesen »


Newly developed transfluid solution for combined pipe forming

Axial/rotary CNC controlled pipe forming machine offers tool-independent forming of contours CNC control of the new transfluid machine enables tool-independent forming of contours. (Source: © transfluid) The technical challenges of modern pipe processing are constantly increasing, driven by ever more demanding applications of high grade piping. Just one manufacturing process often does not suffice to … Weiterlesen »


Tube processing: energy savings of up to 70%

Newly developed hydraulic drives: transfluid technology allows energy savings of up to 70% compared to conventional hydraulic systems Energy is saved thanks to the substantially higher energy efficiency. Opinions are usually divided when it comes to which drive is better for tube processing. Electrical drives demonstrate their strengths through precision and especially energy efficiency. Conventional … Weiterlesen »


Processing of high-strength material pipes

Incremental tube forming: Forward-looking cooperation of transfluid and Dortmund technical university Incremental tube forming opens completely new product opportunities. The step-by-step shaping of a tube end or a tube has been made possible by the newly developed procedure for processing high-strength and ultra-high-strength materials. This revolutionises manufacturing, particularly in industrial applications where the requirements are … Weiterlesen »


transfluid does clever tuning of automation systems

Processing processes significantly improved for pipes 30 – 3,000 mm in lenght Efficient automation systems with t motion by transfluid. When the hare arrives, the tortoise has already been there. The fastest way to the best results doesn’t just rely on speed alone. The optimum tuning and interplay of different systems is where processes can … Weiterlesen »


For good ratings: Large-screen TV in tube machining

Fully electric system from transfluid documents the manufacturing process by camera Keep an eye on the processes of the complex transfluid manufacturing cell with the large-screen monitor. Go to work in the morning and switch on the TV first thing: It sounds like a dream, but transfluid makes it the heart of an intelligent tube … Weiterlesen »


„tu go“: the new standard for quick tube processing

tube bending and tube forming machines: transfluid wraps up new technology package for customers in a hurry The standard in optimum versatility with technology tu go from transfluid. Providing coffee „to go“ is a standard service in fast-food outlets and the concept has now made a surprise leap into the world of advanced tube processing … Weiterlesen »


Why travel and tube processing are so exciting

Answers in your luggage – 7 questions for transfluid Precise interference fits and an optimum surface finish are united in a single result. Travelling broadens your horizons – and lets you get to know a country and its people. It can also be a challenge if you happen to be globetrotting in the name of … Weiterlesen »

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