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Three-sector star die accelerates hot heading by up to 30 per cent

Now only heating up determines cycle time. The end of the pin is inductively heated and then pressed into the die. Special-machine manufacturer Krott + Heuter has developed a new Type ZKSTA series of machines for hot upsetting of fastener (screw and bolt) heads and pins. The new machine has now passed its trials at … Weiterlesen »


LumaSense Releases New Pyrometry System for MOCVD Processes in LED Production

Temperature sensing solution for metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (GaN-based epitaxy) with true wafer surface temperature and reflectance instrumentation improves efficiency and yield in LED industry New Pyrometry System for MOCVD Processes in LED Production LumaSense Technologies, Inc. released the UV 400 and UVR 400 pyrometers, the newest generation of non-contact temperature measurement instrumentation for … Weiterlesen »


LumaSense Introduces New Digital IR Pyrometer for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement in Thin and Flat Glass Manufacturing Processes

The IN 6/78-L pyrometer uses a special wavelength of 7.8 µm (micrometre) to measure glass sheets below 1 mm thickness and is the most recent addition to LumaSense’s Impac IR pyrometry and digital infrared thermometer portfolio Pyrometer for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement on Thin and Flat Glass Sheets (Impac IN 6/78-L) LumaSense Technologies, Inc. adds … Weiterlesen »


Siempelkamp modernizes water-hydraulic presses in Russia

Modernization is cheaper than new construction The 100-MN press at SMK will be equipped with a new water-hydraulic control through Siempelkamp In April already JSC „Stupino Metallurgical Company“ (SMK) placed an order with Siempelkamp to modernize the water-hydraulic control of a 100-MN press of Schloemann make as well as to provide for a corresponding new … Weiterlesen »