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Three-sector star die accelerates hot heading by up to 30 per cent

Now only heating up determines cycle time. The end of the pin is inductively heated and then pressed into the die. Special-machine manufacturer Krott + Heuter has developed a new Type ZKSTA series of machines for hot upsetting of fastener (screw and bolt) heads and pins. The new machine has now passed its trials at … Weiterlesen »


The digital twin has become real.

Georg has implemented the first digital twin with the new „Sinumerik ONE“ CNC software. At EMO 2019, GEORG, as pilot customer of Siemens, is going to present, as a first, digital twins of two of its machine tools. This makes Georg a pioneer in implementing in practice the next stage of the digital transformation in … Weiterlesen »


Logopak is presenting innovative labelling solutions for the industry at the PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019

Visit the labelling experts from Logopak at Booth C-5506 in the Central Hall in the PACKage Printing Pavilion at the PACK EXPO Las Vegas Logopak is presenting innovative labelling solutions for the industry at the PACK EXPO Las Vegas Visitors to the Pack Expo Las Vegas (Sept. 23-25; Las Vegas Convention Center), can experience individual … Weiterlesen »


Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik:Two machines, one operator

Linking two roll lathes doubles capacity without increasing personnel costs The new lathe will be designed to machine up to 8,000-mm-long rolls with diameters of up to 1,500 mm Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik has received an order from Vítkovicke Slevárny, spol. s r.o. for the supply of a roll lathe, the third lathe so far supplied … Weiterlesen »


From the wire coil straight to 300-mm-long full-thread screws of 10-mm-diameter – all in one machine

Cold forming achieves record-breaking throughput The new all-in-one machine produces more than 100 up to 300-mm-long screws per minute. A new all-in-one machine from Amba produces full-thread screws of 300 mm length and an outside diameter of 10 mm directly from the coiled wire. While in the screwmaking industry, typically 30 to 40 threads are … Weiterlesen »


Premiere at WIRE: AMBA: Bolt blanks with two heads speed up production

New all-in-one machine produces 24,000 bolt blanks per hour. The new AMBA all-in-one machine produces 24,000 bolt blanks per hour. At WIRE 2018, Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH (AMBA) is going to introduce its new all-in-one machines for the production of up to 200-mm-long bolts at unsurpassed rates. In these machines, several upsetting operations take place simultaneously. … Weiterlesen »


Wie viel Lasertechnik braucht ein Fahrzeug heute?

Fahrzeuginterieur – präzise und effizient gefertigt eurolaser Coveyor System Der ausgeprägte Wettbewerb im Automobilsektor ermöglicht es, Vorreitern die Pole-Position im Markt einzunehmen. Ein Grund mehr, genau hinzuschauen worauf es in Zukunft ankommt. Derzeit werden im Individualverkehr die Energieeffizienz, Design-Highlights, Trends im Interieur sowie technische Features kombiniert und optimiert, so dass der Reisekomfort und das Handling … Weiterlesen »


High-end cutter for visual communication

eurolaser scores with automation technology eurolaser shuttle table automatic Exactly 20 years ago, eurolaser GmbH specialised in large-format CO2 laser systems. Today, the Lüneburg-based company with approximately 100 employees is one of the global market leaders in CO2 laser systems for cutting non-metals. The laser cutters are primarily used for acrylic, plastic film, textiles and … Weiterlesen »


20 years experience in laser processing of plastics

CO2 laser machine L-3200 With their specialisation in using CO2 laser systems for cutting non-metallic materials, the Lüneburg company eurolaser GmbH has firmly established itself on the world market. Founded in Hamburg in 1994, eurolaser, now with approximately 100 employees, is one of the world leaders in CO2 laser systems for cutting non-metallic materials. One … Weiterlesen »


Milling and deburring in a single process step

Automatic sample preparation for the steel industry: New machine prepares up to 800 samples per day. Milling machine in operation. With the new milling machine HS-F 3000, Herzog Maschinenfabrik is for the first time launching an automatic sample processing machine which automatically deburs the samples after milling. Another new feature is the tool changing system, … Weiterlesen »

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