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Steel Dynamics to revamp push-pull pickle line with Umlauf Bridles

High strip tension for effective stretch-leveling: SDI“s push-pull pickle line in Columbus will be the first in the world to operate with three Umlauf Bridles During stretch-leveling, the two Umlauf Bridles apply strip tension forces of up to 1,250 kN. BTU Bridle Technology has received an order from SES Engineering LLC covering the design, construction … Weiterlesen »


BTU: Exact setting of strip back-tension – at any position in the processing line

Umlauf Bridles can build up very high back-tension in strip processing lines – even when dealing with thick gages and high-strength grades. Two Umlauf Bridles arranged up and downstream of a stretch-leveler can build up any back-tension Umlauf Bridles designed by BTU Bridle Technology GmbH can be installed at virtually any position of strip processing … Weiterlesen »