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Zink Körner increases efficiency by 10 percent

Efficient furnaces for batch galvanizing: Zink Körner is the only supplier of furnaces that use burners specifically developed for batch galvanizing. Zink Körner offers a wide gamut of design features to reduce energy consumption in batch galvanizing. For example, burners specifically developed for batch galvanizing give Zink Körner furnaces efficiencies of 75 percent – 5 … Weiterlesen »


Fluidized-bed technology gaining ground

Resource-saving heat treatment of wire: Already two furnaces of this technology in the commissioning phase The new fluidized-bed furnaces for the heat treatment of wire, which Wire Körner presented for the first time at Wire 2010, have convinced wire producers: The first two plants of this kind will be operational before Wire 2012 opens its … Weiterlesen »