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SOLVARO supplies perfect-fit ventilation grilles for Valtra tractors

Visually seamless transition between metal and plastic SOLVARO’s work on developing the grilles for the Valtra resulted in a reduction in tool costs. SOLVARO, the Kirchheim-based specialist for metal components, is supplying ventilation grilles for Valtra tractors that are such a precise fit that there is a visually seamless transition between the metal and plastic. … Weiterlesen »


High demand for component supplier“s value-added services

Increased demand from customers prompts SOLVARO to expand development services and manufacturing technologies SOLVARO has seen a sharp increase in demand for development services Getting suppliers involved in the development of agricultural and construction vehicles early on is becoming increasingly common. The specialist for air grilles and engine bonnets, SOLVARO GmbH, reports that demand for … Weiterlesen »


Hammering away! How hammer-formed models save prototyping costs

SOLVARO offers alternative production methods for the manufacturing of prototypes Expensive deep-drawing tools are replaced by cost-efficient negative moulds of the component. The cost of prototyping individual components can quickly grow to an enormous sum, especially if deep-drawing tools are needed for production. SOLVARO GmbH uses alternative methods when creating prototypes, having discovered the hammer-formed … Weiterlesen »


PPAP, PPA, etc.: supplier involvement pays off

SOLVARO assists its customers with advanced product quality planning The components supplier SOLVARO assists its customers with intensive advanced product quality planni As a supplier of components for agricultural and construction machinery, SOLVARO GmbH is familiar with the sector“s exceptionally high quality expectations. The company based in Kirchheim works closely with its customers from as … Weiterlesen »


SOLVARO supplies Kubota tractor factory with air grilles

From prototype to series production – hand in hand With air grilles for the bonnet SOLVARO provides sufficient cooling air for the Kubota M7001 Kubota, the Japanese agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer, aims to play an even more important role in Europe in the future. This is reflected in the move to commission a tractor … Weiterlesen »


Perfect interplay for precise components

3D laser machine at Solvaro delivers accurate trimming of deep-drawn components At Solvaro, three robots speed up the laser-cutting process. At the plate component manufacturer Solvaro, a combination of robots and lasers results in speed and process reliability in the manufacture of deep-drawn components such as air grilles for agricultural and construction machinery. The company“s … Weiterlesen »


Solvaro reports steady growth

Manufacturer of plate components increases sales and profit Commissioned by Solvaro in 2014, the new production hall will be joined by more buildings in 2015. Solvaro has again demonstrated growth in the 2014 financial year. Due to the high volume of incoming orders, the management predicts year-end results that are 30% higher than those of … Weiterlesen »


Solvaro provides air grilles for Mercedes-Benz Citaro

Fresh air for EvoBus With an air passage level of 58.05%, Solvaro air grilles ensure sufficient cooling of the engine. A well-cooled engine consumes less fuel Since the introduction of the Euro 6 emissions standard for road vehicles, all variables affecting fuel consumption, and consequently also engine cooling, are at the heart of development efforts. … Weiterlesen »