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Schwarze-Robitec: Manufacture of complex pipelines

Bending instead of welding An important component of many facilities and large-scale systems in the chemical industry or offshore industry, as well as in power plant construction is the integrated pipe system to transport the most varied media. It is not unusual that pipelines have a considerable share in the overall systems – and thereby … Weiterlesen »


Pipelines in power plant construction

Bent to efficiency High efficiency, low emissions and cost-optimized construction processes – these are the demands for power plants and their construction. Pipelines have an essential significance. On the one hand, tubes or pipes made of wear-resistant and resilient material, as well as small bending radii enhance the degree of efficiency of power plants. On … Weiterlesen »


Schwarze-Robitec at the FABTECH 2015

New Team – Innovative Pipe Bending Solutions Customer focus, increased customer benefits: The tube bending machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec offers its visitors at the FABTECH 2015 in Chicago additional benefits. Between November 9-12, the visitors will meet the complete team of the new US subsidiary at booth #N8103. The tube bending experts have brought along many … Weiterlesen »


Automatic bending cells for the automotive industry

Efficient production of tube and profiled semi-finished products In order to be able to cope with the current and future demands of modern motorcars and commercial vehicles, the automotive supply industry depends on efficient processes and technical innovations. The rational production of hollow profiles for body and chassis construction, exhaust gas technology and many other … Weiterlesen »


Resource Efficiency in Power Plant Construction

Tube Bending Technology Bert Zorn, Managing Director of Schwarze-Robitec, on the subject of resource efficient tube bending technologies. Producing companies spend the major part of the gross production value on material: According to calculations by the Federal Office of Statistics this is 45 percent on average. Subjects such as Sustainability and Green Technology have been … Weiterlesen »


Added Value through Maintenance

Schwarze-Robitec GmbH Over the last years, the subject of maintenance has clearly gained significance. Not surprising, after all complexity and degree of automation are increasing continuously with modern processing machines. Forward-looking strategies reduce the risk of malfunction and down times, increase the service life of machines and thereby ensure constant production quality. The Tube Bending … Weiterlesen »


Schwarze-Robitec with a new website

New. Smart. Informative. The new website of the tube bending machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec presents itself in a fresh look with large format images and a clear menu navigation. The highlight: Under the heading „Applications“ the viewers can choose from nine different industries and immediately receive an overview of the suitable machines. This way the company … Weiterlesen »


Pipe Cold Bending Machines from Schwarze-Robitec

Bending the Costs Downward Bert Zorn, Managing Director of Schwarze-Robitec, on the possibilities of pipe bending in plant and pipeline construction. There are many kilometres of pipe on oil platforms, complex chemical plants, refineries and large power stations. All feature similarly large stretches of pipeline. In view of these quantities, pipe fitting plays a special … Weiterlesen »