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perma Lubrication Systems for Pumps

perma Lubrication Systems for Pumps

Flyer: perma Lubrication Systems for Pumps

Pumps are often operated under extreme conditions. The direct contact of abrasive particles or slurry with moving parts of the pump can quickly lead to pump wear and premature pump failure. In order to reach the specified pump service life or to prolong it, the pump must be sealed to prevent the entry of solid contaminants and water. Sealing the shaft via the gland can only be ensured by permanently lubricating the packing.

Smooth and trouble-free process safety can only be achieved by providing the right lubricant amount specified for individual lubrication points. perma lubrication systems can be individually programmed to continuously supply lubrication points with fresh grease or oil according to manufacturer specifications. The systems are easily installed and can be exchanged quickly without tools. This reduces maintenance time and cost. Workplace safety can be drastically improved by installing the systems outside of dangerous areas and away from rotating machine parts.

perma lubrication systems hermetically seal lubrication points against contamination and water. The lubricant prevents premature wear or leakages from the shaft to the pump. Packing glands, labyrinths, electric motors or axle bearings receive optimum lubrication and are much less affected by environmental conditions.

For more information on pump lubrication please contact us or download the flyer „perma Lubrication Systems for Pumps“ from the perma website download center

perma-tec has been providing innovative and creative lubrication solutions for almost 50 years. Our single- and multi-point lubrication systems can be found in almost all types of industries and applications around the world.

perma-tec´s leadership in single-point lubrication is based on many patents and certifications. All perma products are developed, tested and manufactured in the company´s German headquarters and live up to the „Made in Germany“ quality.

With many years of experience and a network of subsidiaries and competent partners around the world we can offer our customers lubrication solutions that meet highest technical requirements.

perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG
Doris Bauer
Hammelburger Str. 21
97717 Euerdorf
+49 9704 609-3663

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