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New transfluid website speeds up solution search

Configurator and industry selection will help you find the tube processing machine you need.

New transfluid website speeds up solution search

Visitors to the transfluid website find rapidly the tube processing machinery they need. (Source: transfluid)

„I need tubing that looks like this and that is particularly lightweight but also durable.“ When clients come to transfluid, they usually know exactly what characteristics they are looking for to ensure that components will function appropriately with a particular product. At the same time, they often have no idea what processing machine is required and whether it is at all possible to meet their specified requirements. Face-to-face consultation meetings or even a trip to a trade fair will quickly provide them with the information they need, but transfluid has decided to make it even easier for its clients throughout the world. Our recently redesigned corporate website will give you initial insights into what it is you require.

Rapid information and solution configurator
We have classified the tube processing machines and systems in our extensive portfolio by function and purposes so that website users can now more rapidly orientate themselves. The associated detailed images and informative short videos also offer visual guides on how our technical products work.
And it is now possible to directly enter the parameters of the specific tubing you want in the new site configurator. Our site will then display for you online the corresponding machinery with further detailed technical information. You can then contact us to obtain further advice on the equipment that is appropriate for you.

Individually tailored for each industry
Large size tubing with diameters of up to 300 mm, special end forms and tubing made of resilient and high-tensile materials – there is no doubt that the sector has a wide range of different requirements when it comes to tube processing technology. To make sure our clients can find the correct potential solution among our comprehensive portfolio, they can now narrow down the search options by selecting their own particular industry on our website whether automotive, supply technology, hydraulics and mechanical engineering, aerospace, medical technology, ship building and plant engineering or the energy industry. The corresponding tubing will be displayed on the relevant pages for each of these industries. And there is an online contact form that you can complete to ask for more information about our equipment and arrange for a consultation.

Everything at a glance
You will continue to be able to readily find online the latest news, our popular customer magazine ‚t time(s)‘ with its informative articles and reports on the transfluid Innovation Days, where the sector comes together to exchange information. And just click on ‚transfluid TV‘ to view all of our short technology demonstration videos. Also provided online are summaries of the further services we offer, such as prototyping and special mechanical engineering. Through its updated website, transfluid is able to provide an enhanced ’solution for tubes‘ service; international customers please note that our homepage will be available in other language versions by the end of the year!

Trade fair information:
transfluid will be present at the 2015 Blechexpo from 3 – 6 November (hall 4/stand 4000).

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transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH – the solution for tubes

transfluid is sought after worldwide as a partner for manufacturing tube bending machines and tube processing machines. Since 1988 transfluid has been further developing its technologies for tube machining, so that it can provide customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions – for plant and machine construction, the automotive and energy industries, shipbuilding and medical device manufacturing. As a world-renowned brand, the company from Germany is present in Europe and with its subsidiaries in Asia.

transfluid’s product portfolio offers perfect solutions in five different machine categories, that meet all the requirements in tube processing. t bend stands for a wide range of tube bending machines, which fulfil the highest demands in terms of industrial applications. The tube forming machines in the t form range offer the perfect tube shaping solutions. Tube forming is important as an individual or supplementary process, in order to obtain optimally tailored tubes. Automation systems are offered as fully developed concepts for bending and forming technology, under t motion. t cut covers the field of tube cutting machines. Here, Transfluid is able to provide a range of different systems, for example for chipless orbital cutting and special knive separation processes. The category t clean encompasses tube cleaning machines. These ensure the cleanliness of workpieces and tubes. Additionally, with the new tu go range, transfluid offers a standardised portfolio of machinery, which is available from stock for immediate delivery. transfluid offers the powerful software t project for rapid and reliable tube processing. It can be used as an effective online solution for bending machines and the majority of CAD systems.

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