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Improve Mean Time to Repair with Maintenance-in-Place-Solution from Allweiler

OptiFi(TM) pump to make maintenance faster, less frequent, simpler than ever

Improve Mean Time to Repair with Maintenance-in-Place-Solution from Allweiler

With OptiFix, inspections, part replacement and maintenance are carried out safely and quickly.

Radolfzell, Germany (February 19, 2018) – OEMs and specifiers of industrial wastewater treatment applications have a new choice of progressing cavity pumps with Allweiler GmbH“s OptiFix(TM). The pump from CIRCOR Pumping Technologies (CPT) can be disassembled in five steps, and eliminates the need to dismantle it from piping to change the rotor, stator, joints or shaft seal.

„Every unproductive second of maintenance, repair or upgrading of a progressing cavity pump counts toward total cost of ownership,“ said Jens Ebinghaus, CPT senior vice president and general manager, EMEA&I. „That is why we engineered a specially designed dismounting device providing the capability to remove the rotor and stator with the discharge and suction casings in place.“

Designed to deliver superior speed and efficiency, OptiFix’s easy exchange design is optimized for safe and streamlined inspections, parts removal and service operations. „In wastewater treatment service, OptiFix can reduce mean time to repair intervals by as much as 85 percent and boost pump service life by up to 500 percent when combined with CIRCOR’s patented ALLDUR stator solution“, Ebinghaus said.

In addition to the easy disassembly and reassembly process, other OptiFix features include:

– Leak resistant ATLS-T1V sensor to detect dry-running conditions before they do damage

– A patented zero play stub shaft connection

– Optimized heat transition from the stator elastomer to the sensor sleeve

– High quality joint construction

– Availability in multiple rotor-stator geometry choices and sizes for application-specific configurations to accommodate needs for:

o Low flow velocity/NPSH

o Volumetric efficiency

o Gentle conveyance of compacted products or large suspended solids

o Compact footprint even with high flow rates

About CIRCOR Pumping Technologies

CIRCOR Pumping Technologies, a business of CIRCOR International (NYSE: CIR), is a global leader in critical fluid handling and transfer solutions for the commercial marine, defense, oil & gas, power generation and industrial markets. Additionally, CIRCOR provides lubrication management equipment and services through the company“s Reliability Services business. With the broadest portfolio of pumping technologies and products, along with manufacturing, engineering, sales and technical support centers around the world, CIRCOR helps customers solve their toughest business challenges wherever they are located. CIRCOR Pumping Technologies solutions provide the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and longevity with the lowest total cost of ownership through trusted product brands Allweiler®, Clarus®, COT-PURITECH(SM), Houttuin(TM), Imo®, LSC®, Lubritech®, Rosscor®, Sicelub®, Tushaco®, Warren® and Zenith®.

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